5 Best Books To Read For Beginners

We all know that reading books is a good habit. All famous or intellectual personalities are reading books. They are avid readers. So if you also want to develop a reading habit like them then you have to choose a book. Books are the way where you can actually listen to the intellectuals or read their mind through their books. You can learn a lot from books. If you want to upgrade yourself then book is your best friend & teacher. Here are 5 best books to read for beginners. If you are interested in self-help book then Dale Carnegie is the author who will help you out to start your journey.

1. The Best of Dale Carnegie(Set of 5 Books)

Dale Carnegie is the best known self-help author. In this pack, you will get the 5 best selling books of Author. This pack includes his classic best seller

  • How to win friends & influence people
  • How to develop self -confidence and influence people by public speaking
  • How to stop worrying & start living
  • How to enjoy your life and your job.
  • The quick & easy way to effective speaking

These are the evergreen books which will not only inspire you but also teach you the most valuable lessons of your life. These books are the life changing books. If you want to start with reading then try it once.

Price of this set is just Rs. 379 only. So order now to start your reading journey & also help yourself to grow.

2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This is another very good self help book written by Robin Sharma which is full of motivation & inspiration. Here you will learn a step-by-step approach to live your life with great courage, balance, abundance & joy. In this book you will learn so many things like how to follow your life mission, nourish your relationships, Develop self-discipline & how to live fully.

The price of this book is Rs. 159

3. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

This is one of the best books after “The Secret” By Rhonda Byre. The author of this book is Dr. Joseph Murphy. It is one of the best book which will make you aware of how powerful mind we are having but we are actually not using it to it fullest. Dr. Murphy explains how the subconscious mind influences every single thing that you do and how, by understanding it and learning to control its incredible force, you can improve the quality of your daily life .Everything, from the promotion that you wanted and the raise you think you deserve, to overcoming phobias and bad habits and strengthening interpersonal relationships, the Power of Your Subconscious Mind will open a world of happiness, success, prosperity and peace for you. It will change your life and your world by changing your beliefs. 

The price of the this book is Rs.105

4. Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude.. Change Your Life!

The author is Jeff Keller of this book. This book tells us that if you can dream it, you can do it. If you are unhappy, tired and frustrated in your life then this book will tell you what should be your attitude towards your life. This is one of the life-changing book what all you need is this step-by-step programme to change your attitude and your life!

The price of this book is Rs.139

5. Think & Grow Rich

This is one of the best self-help book. Since its publication in 1937, Napoleon Hill’s seminal Think and Grow Rich has inspired generations of readers to develop their skills and become masters at anything to do. Inspired by Andrew Carnegie himself, Hill’s easy-to-follow guidebook to success is based on thirteen simple ‘steps’: 1. Desire 2. Faith 3. Autosuggestion 4. Specialized Knowledge 5. Imagination 6. Organized Planning 7. Decision 8. Persistence 9. Power of the Master Mind 10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation 11. The Subconscious Mind 12. The Brain 13. The Sixth Sense Through a mixture of sound advice, income management methods, and personal anecdotes, Hill delivers the ultimate motivational message in Think and Grow Rich—and probably the only one you’ll ever need. Discover for yourself what makes this guidebook to better living one of the bestselling books of all time!

The price of this book is Rs. 93

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