About Me

Welcome to my blog!!

Hi! I am Chitra Banerjee Bagchi.

Brief Introduction of my education background:

I am triple post graduate. Done multiple courses & certification. I am a certified digital marketer.

I am a multi-niche writer. I started this website to express my interest for various topics including digital marketing, health and wellness, finance, self-care, self help, travel, fashion, parenting and just about anything else that interests me. So, here you will find a little bit of everything.

When I’m not writing, you can find me enjoying any of my other hobbies, which include; reading, listening podcast or surfing internet. Apart from that I am busy doing my job & taking care of my family. But whatever I do, I just loving doing that.

I also make videos on My Youtube Channel, Viral Marketing Feed.

Reach out to me at contact@viralmarketingfeed.com. You can also find me on FacebookInstagram

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