7 Blazing Internet Marketing Tips For 2022

Today everybody wants to earn through internet or increase their sales or can make their presence more visible on internet. For that you should know what are the ways through which you can do. So for that you need some internet marketing tips.

So what would be the best marketing tips that you must follow to make your website a powerful magnet for traffic and sales. Now here i am going to tell you the 7 Blazing Internet Marketing Tips For 2022.


1) Banner Advertising

Banner ads are known as display ads which is designed with images like any digital billborad with a goal to attract the attention & drive traffic to the advertiser’s web page. Banners are basically to promote the brand & create the brand awareness and generating click throughs, purchases, and leads. Banner ads could be static or animated according to the need of user technology is use to create a banner ad.

Banners are generally getting the high visibility location either top, bottom or vertical along the side of the website. The static image can be a simple image or visual which is a clickable ad. It will take you either to the landing page of the advertisement or to the website.

Animated banner is a sequential visaual images which is created in such a way that it seems like they are moving. The purpose of the animated banner is also same to grab the attention to the user and draw them to the advertisement landing page.

Why banner ads use?

Brand Awareness: It promotes your company’s product & services which helps to grow your brand awareness.
Grab the customer’s attention: Its not a piece of cake anymore to grab’s anybody attention today in this digital world. For this you need to be unique & creative. So here banner ads play a vital role to grab the attention of the user.
Lead generation: Its a great way to tap audience. By using SaaS you can make a user base to sign up & can offer your product & services to them.
Retarget your audience: If by chance any of the user came to your website but didn’t signup for the newsletter then you can retarget them with the banner ads.

2) Write Articles

Writing Articles is an excellent way to promote your website and your business. But first we have to understand what is article writing? Article writing is not any copy paste job or simply any blog, it’s about writing highly quality unique content or information which you post on your website, company website or ghost posting site. In digital marketing article writing can be very effective & it will help you to grow your business if its content is unique & creative. It is the most powerful & awesome tool to build your online presence & with this article writing you can reach & prove your values to your customers. Before writing what we need to keep in mind is that we have to create a high quality content for our website so that we can engage our target audience.

With high quality articles we can increase our organic traffic, increase our target traffic, build brand awareness & reputation for our company & by proper educating & informing our readers we can make our website more unique & useful.

3) Link Exchange

Exchange link is an agreed process where two website owners place each other’s website link to their site .This process is known as link building or creating backlinks for your website. The goal of link change or link building is to boost their website ranking. But your ranking will only be dependent on high quality backlinks otherwise you have to face to opposite consequences too. Always create backlinks from the trusted sites or whose DA PA score is good. DA is a domain authority & PA is page authority which you can check by using Mozbar.

4) Mailing List

In simple terms, mailing list is a collection of mail id, name & address of the user, used by any individual or a company to send their offers to multiple recipients. Here in another way we can them subscriber list, if they subscribe the newsletter of that particular organisation or company.

Email marketing plays a very important role to hold their customers by sharing time to time their offers & update. This is not only cost effective but it help them to build a relationship with their existing customers & also keep informing them about your products & services. This is one of reasons that in digital marketing it is considered as one of the most practical & effective marketing method for connecting with your customers.

5) Search Engine Optimization

In simple terms its a process of increasing the visibility of your site & help to rank in SERP when people search for any query relevant to your products & services. The more visibility of your page on SERP, the more traffic you will drive towards your website.

Now how does SEO works? Search engine are used by the users when they search anything on google or any search engine for the answer. Search engine works on three steps:


1. Crawling is the first step where a web crawler follow your link & find new pages and record information about them. Spider & robots are the names which is used for the “Web Crawler”.

2. Indexing is the second step which decide whether to store the information into the database of google search or not after crawling. Indexing will never store those pages which has duplicate content, low value or spammy, or couldn’t be crawled.

3. Ranking is the most important step. Your webpage can be ranked only after crawling & indexing.

6) Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click is good to get traffic but it is even better to get sales. Pay-per-click is a marketing model in which advertisers pay when one of their advertisement is clicked. The more number of times it is clicked the more money advertiser have to pay for it. Its a paid visit which you are buying for your site. PPC is a profitable investment for the advertisers. If they can target the correct audience then surely they are getting good leads which are in high chance of getting converted.

7. Blogging

Blogging is an essential part of digital marketing. If its done effectively then you can drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness & generate new leads. In digital marketing, blogging is a content marketing strategy where you update your posts & news frequently to keep your audience engage & try to build trust & connection with them. It helps to drive organic traffic to your website. Blogger should always keep in mind before writing any blog that his blog should be unique, creative, informative & engaging so that the user always come back on his site .

Digital marketing is a vast topic so if you want to grow then you have to keep update yourself so that you won’t miss anything. There are few SEO tools which will help your website to grow. You must check it out to rank your page on SERP.

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