5 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

How to rank your keywords is the biggest issue for any blogger because keyword research is playing a crucial role for any website in modern SEO. So are you looking out for the best keyword research tool for SEO? if yes, then here you will find 5 best keyword research tools for SEO in 2022.

Finding the correct keywords can take your website to the next level. Researching keyword is very important to bring more traffic organically on the website. Now here is the most daunting task for any blogger to find out the correct keyword research tools if you are new to SEO. So first understand what is keyword research tool.


What is Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword research tool help you to understand and find the topics and ideas which people are searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Now once you will understand what people wants to read or searching then it would be easy for you to cover those topics and create contend.

Keyword research tools also help you to find out where your competitors are ranking. This will help you to create content strategies so that you can improve your content & rank in SERP.

Google ranks your website by using your keywords based on the relevancy of the specific searches. Your page will rank on the top of the SERP(Search Engine Result Page) if your keywords are ranking high.

If you want to target the correct keywords to get the high organic traffic then here are 5 best keyword research tools for your SEO.


5 Best Keyword Research Tools For Your SEO

1.Google Research Planner:

Here google keyword planner is a free tool from Google. If you want to know the search volume of any keyword then this is one of the best free keyword research tool. It is trustworthy also because it is offered by Google. As you enter the keyword, you will get tons of keyword suggestions also the search volumes. Here it will not only show you the search volume of the keywords, it will show you the competition, cost per click, and is it tending up or down. This is one of the best tools for keyword research which is absolutely free.

2. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is another keyword research tool. You will get a ubersuggest chrome extension which will show you the monthly search volume, CPC & competition data. In ubersuggest you will also get trends chart, related keywords, people also search for, trending keywords & also long tail keywords.

Here are few more features which you will get in Ubersuggest

  1. Site Audit
  2. Content ideas
  3. Google Keywords,
  4. Amazon Keywords,
  5. Youtube Keywords
  6. Top Ranking Pages
  7. Different keyword ideas
  8. Keyword analysis & details
  9. Backlink profiles
  10. Search Volume
  11. CPC
  12. Highly targeted keyword suggestions
  13. Domain Score
  14. Percentage of SEO clicks your search term gets.

If you want to use the full features of ubersuggest than you have to pay for this tool. Basic features are free.

3. MozBar Tool

MozBar is a all in one seo tool which helps you to rank your website in SERP. MozBar also analyse keywords by search volume with 95% accuracy. It also shows the keyword difficulty score i.e. how hard or easy it is to rank on SERP. It also see which keyword is ranking on your site and also check your competitor’s most important keywords. MozBar is a free extension on Chrome but if you want to use all the features of MozBar then you have to pay for it. MozPro is a paid tool which you can use for your website. In In MozBar extension you can check any site DA & PA.

DA is a domain Authority which tells us about the overall domain. It ranges from 1 to 100. High DA has a higher ability to rank on SERP.

Here PA is page authority which range from 1 to 100. It says how well specific page from a website is ranking on SERP. Higher rank means higher ability to rank on SERP.

Free Features are offered by MozBar

  1. DA (Check)
  2. PA (Check)
  3. Link Explorer
  4. Keyword Explorer
  5. Competitive Research
  6. Domain Analysis

You have to sign up for a free Moz Account for 10 free queries per month. If you want to access all features then you have to take the monthly or annual subscription.

4. SEMrush Keyword Research Tool

Its an all-in-one tool. In Semrush you will get 12 tools to manage SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing. If you want to use all the premium features then you have to spend money for this. Its not a free tool. They will give you 7 day free trial of Semrush.

Features of Semrush

  1. SEO
  2. Local SEO
  3. Advertising
  4. Social Media
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Trends

They are having four different pricing plans which they are offering on monthly and annual billing.

  1. Pro
  2. Guru
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise

5. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Again its a big name in the world of SEO. Its a tool kit which contains tools for link building, Keyword research, Competitor analysis, rank tracking & site audits. This tool is designed for the marketers who wants to grow their business fast. Basic features are free but if you want to use premium feature of this tool then you have to spend some money. They are offering 4 plans which you can either opt for annually or monthly.

  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Advance
  • Enterprise

Features of Ahrefs are

  1. Site Explorer
  2. Keywords Explorer
  3. Site Audit
  4. Rank Tracker
  5. Content Explorer

These are the 5 best tools which you can use according to your need & budget to drive organic traffic & rank your site on SERP.


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